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Marian Bantjes

Bantjes "Theory"

An illustration Bantjes did for a piece in Wired Magazine.

Marian Bantjes does these amazing lettering pieces and illustrations. She uses a wide variety of media in her work (even creating letters out of sugar). Her beautifully elaborate scripts and ornamented letters remind me, if not in style at least in concept, of graffiti pieces. See more on her website: http://www.bantjes.com/


Faith 47’s Calligraffiti

Faith 47 "epitaph"

Faith 47 "epitaph"

Wow. I’m blown away by this artist, Faith 47. She’s a writer from South Africa and her work is incredible. I saw this video of her work on Alan Ket’s blog and then looked up her website. She does these amazing calligraphic pieces, as well as paintings and illustrations. I find all of her work pretty interesting, but it’s definitely the lettering that I’m really drawn to. It’s worth checking out for both writers and type fans.

Wildstyle Typography

I just stumbled onto the work of Seb Lester, a type designer/illustrator from the UK. His stuff is pretty amazing, especially the typographic illustrations. I think there’s a huge similarity to graffiti here, at least in concept. He takes words or phrases and draws and decorates the letters, turning them into beautiful and ornate images. Although his style is pretty different, what he’s doing isn’t too far off from wildstyle pieces. Both essentially involve turning words into images.

There are a lot of great images on his website: http://www.seblester.co.uk/

Hellfire type illustration detail

Detail from one of Seb Lester's pieces, "Hellfire."