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Sticker Phiends IV

StickerPhiends 4 -2011
On April 8, 2011 I worked the Sticker Phiends show at Cartel Coffee Lab in Tempe, AZ. It was a great show with some amazing work by street artists, graphic designers and graffiti writers. It made me feel a bit better about the Phoenix art scene, although it’s still no New York , of course. I guess like everything else here, it’s not that good things (art, food, etc.) don’t exist, it just takes a lot more effort to find them. But enough of my homesick ranting, I loved that the show was such a great fusion of street art, writing, and graphic design (and I got free stickers!). I stayed pretty busy all night and didn’t get to take any photos, but there are some good ones on the Sticker Phiends site http://www.stickerphiends.com/


Just Blazed City Art Supply and Gallery

I checked out this graffiti shop on McDowell Rd. in Phoenix on my trip. They had some great supplies and some really nice canvases. There’s also an alley in the back where writers can paint. It’s so great to see a store like this now, there wasn’t much like it when I lived I Phoenix (there was Wet Paint, which I still love). I was really impressed by what they had, and even more impressed by the work in the alley. Here’s a link to their website http://justblazedphx.com/ and some photos from the alley.

Alley Piece 1

Alley Piece 2

Alley Piece 3



South Mountain petroglyphs

I’ve gone on a few hikes during my trip and taken a few pictures of petroglyphs (rock drawings). While they aren’t really lettering, they are, in a way, the ancient ancestors of graffiti, and maybe typography too. I took the photo above on a trail at South Mountain in Arizona.

AZ Graffiti post 2

McDowell alley piece

Graffiti from sunny Arizona

I finally got out to take some pictures around Phoenix. Seems like the scene out here is a lot more focused on tags than NYC, probably for a few different reasons. I did get a shot of a nice billboard piece/throwup though, and I’ve seen more nice legal pieces around recently. I also visited a graffiti store, which I will talk more about in another post. The picture above is from an alley behind it that’s filled with amazing pieces. It seems like the Arizona graffiti scene has really been improving since I moved to New York.