This blog is an attempt to increase communication and interaction between the worlds of graffiti and typography. Although the two can seem very different, even opposed in some areas, there has been a growing amount of contact between them in recent years. All City Orphan will be a place for information and discussions about typography, graffiti, and the relationship between the two.

The name, All City Orphan, is a combination of two terms, “all city,” a graffiti term describing when a writer’s work is seen in many areas of a city, and “orphan,” a typographic term, meaning a line at the beginning of a page or paragraph that is too short or isolated from the rest of the text.


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  1. Hey whats up, I’m currently working on my MFA in Graphic Design at University of the Arts London in the UK but originally from NJ/NYC. I am also building my thesis and major project on the relationships between typography and graffiti and was wondering if I could read through your thesis and such. I came across your site and it def has some interesting work and would like to check out more or chat if you have some time. Sorry for posting this as a comment but couldnt find your contact info on the site. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks – Clue

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